Where We Have Been…

During 2012 and 2013, the Plan Salt Lake team undertook an extensive public engagement effort to identify what Salt Lake City residents and visitors value and gather input on what the future vision for Salt Lake City should be. The team attended 81 events at locations across the City and gathered thousands of comments from City residents and visitors. From the input received, several key themes emerged as priorities and values of Salt Lake City residents and visitors. The public input, along with established City policies, was used to create the Vision, Guiding Principles, and Initiatives laid out in this Plan.

The feedback we received affirmed and reiterated much of what has already been identified as important values in existing and previously adopted City policy.

All of the public input we received was compiled into the Plan Salt Lake Public Engagement Report: Overview of the Public Comments for Plan Salt Lake. Check it out! Through an intensive review of existing City policy and extensive public outreach, we’ve drafted the Vision and Guiding Principles for Plan Salt Lake that was be used to inform “where we want to be” as a City.

People were generally very pleased with Salt Lake City. It was not surprising to find that residents mentioned the value of their neighborhoods and the City’s public spaces, but what may have been more surprising were the many comments that appreciated the City’s progressive and sustainable trends. The comments received emphasized many of the sustainability measures that the City has been striving to implement, and frequently those commenting wanted to see these trends continue and expand.

Transportation, specifically alternatives to the car were very important to those who gave comments. Though there was some dissension about traffic congestion, those comments were far outnumbered by those that emphasized the convenience of utilizing the TRAX light rail system and a desire for expanded opportunities for bicycle use in the City.

Consistently one of the top comments mentioned were with regard to the opportunities that Salt Lake City’s surrounding geography provides. The proximity to opportunities for outdoor recreation coupled generally with the scenic vistas provided by the nearby Wasatch Mountains were the second and tenth most common comments received.

The positive comments discussing the natural beauty of Salt Lake City were in stark contrast to the negative statements with regard to the often poor air quality. The issue was mentioned often and was one of the few purely negative topics discussed. Although comments were not being received during the winter season, which is commonly the most polluted time of the year for the Salt Lake Valley, the subject of poor air quality was consistently mentioned along with possible solutions such as utilizing mass transit.

Past Event Feedback

Main Library Open House  – May 14-18, 2012

112 Responses
“I love City Creek and the mountains”
“More walkable shopping and restaurants!”
“More money for homeless services, better UTA monthly passes, more midblock crossings”
“I love the library”

Bike Bonanza  – May 18, 2012

110 Responses
“Salt Lake City needs a tagline”
“Bike paths to where I want to go”

Rose Park Community Festival  – May 19, 2012

100 Responses
“Close Knit”
“Even more awesome than it already is!”
“Clean air/water”

CommUNITY Fest  – May 26, 2012

94 Responses
“I like to live here because I like the parks, schools and people.”
“No more gangs and drugs”
“Jordan River Parkway is finished !!!!”

Riverfest  – June 2, 2012

81 Responses
“I love the mountains”
“Neighborhood parks with fields for team sports”
“It’s my home! Love it!”

People’s Market  – June 10 & 24 & July 15, 2012

96 Responses
“A tale of one city!”
“We love to be left alone!”
“Free mass transit for under 18s and over 55s and for disabled by gasoline tax!”

Planning Open Houses  – May 17, June 21 & July 19, 2012

29 Responses
“More dog friendly canyons and parks.”
“Glendale-a little country kinda close to the City”
“Yard Waste Bins!”

Granary District Block Party  – June 15, 2012

47 Responses
“More roller derby!!!”
“Clean air, clean water, grow our own food”
“Walkability, urban microlots, quality design standards”

Friday Night Flicks at Reservoir Park  – June 22, 2012

21 Responses
“Stronger services for families and kids who need them most! Education, income and health!”
“Love Utah, free movie and TRAX train”
“Love being surrounded by mountains and having hiking minutes away. Would love a bigger downtown. Taller buildings, more urban.”

Downtown Farmers Market  – June 30, September 22, and October 6, 2012

99 Responses
“Everything is easily accessible”
“Help the homeless”

Twilight Concert Series  – July 5, 12, 19 & 26, and August 2 & 16,  2012

551 Responses
“More bike friendliness”
“Beautiful scenery”
“Access for handicap individuals when working on street projects”

Sugar House Farmers Market  – July 20 and August 3 & 24, 2012

151 Responses
“More organized art district”
“Red Butte Garden”
“More trains or trolleys”

Craft Lake City  – August 11, 2012

246 Responses
“More free community events”
“300 East cycle track”
“You got to leave it to love it”

Hogle Zoo – August 14, 2012

66 Responses
“I love Temple Square”
“Nice people”
“Neat and tidy downtown”

Dan’s Grocery – August 21, 2012

33 Responses
“Tree Canopy”
“Love Memory Grove”
“Pedestrian only streets”

Avenues Street Fair  – September 8, 2012

115 Responses
“Synchronize the traffic lights”
“Please more farmers’ markets”
“There’s too much pollution”