What is Plan Salt Lake?

Plan Salt Lake is a citywide vision document that will help guide the City into the future. Plan Salt Lake will bring together all of the existing Citywide policies and help the residents, business owners, visitors and City decision makers make decisions today that impact tomorrow.

What types of things will be addressed in Plan Salt Lake?

Plan Salt Lake will include guiding principles on the following topics:

  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Recreation and Open Space
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Arts and Culture
  • Urban Design
  • Land Use
  • Neighborhoods
  • Infrastructure
  • Resources

What does Plan Salt Lake mean for my neighborhood?

Plan Salt Lake will not change existing policies for your neighborhood. Instead, it will establish a Citywide Vision. Plan Salt Lake may create some new policies on important topics that are not currently addressed by existing polices.  In the future, as our Community Plans, Transportation Plans and Housing Plans are updated, these plans will focus on how they help implement the Citywide Vision.  The Citywide Vision will identify what kind of place Salt Lake City will be like in the future, and the other plans will help identify how we can become that kind of City.  For example, if the City had a goal of ensuring affordable housing for all of its residents, the City Housing Plan would identify different policies on how to accomplish that.  The Community Plans would then help identify potential locations for affordable housing.

What is a Master Plan, anyway?

A master plan is a guiding document that helps the City make decisions about the future.  The plans are used in the decision making process. For example, land use and transportation decisions are usually based on some sort of plan or policy.  For example, if the City were considering building a new park, they might consider where a park should go, what kinds of activities should occur in the new park, how people would get to the new park and what it would take to care for a new park.  All of those questions can be helped by having a plan in place.